Project Overview

We’ve been briefed to develop an application for providing compensation to the citizens whose land has been affected for ECL mining. The application should have various modules for citizens, institutions, and other categories of people.

Application Features :
  • The database submitted by Xiss and Hijali goes under verification by ECL.If anything goes wrong,editing is done to get the correct data.Those verified data are used in the web application for generating various reports.
  • There will be five modules in the application- Demographic,Socio-Economic,Land Schedule,Compensation Options, Institutions.
  • The reports which will be available in the system providing the details of the inhabitants are as follows-Summarised Draft List of PIC, Demographic Report,Socio-Economic Report,Institutional Report,Land Details Report ,New Compensation Report.
  • Migration of old database into the new system.
  • There will be two groups of the affected people- LTH and NLTH.Again,they can be divided into Household and Institution class.
  • Particular houselod or institution can be identified through the reports and compensation along with land for the LTH whereas,for NLTH only some compensation would be given.
Project Completion

We are working on this project. We’ve already submitted a demo project to ADDA. The final modification is also under process.

Client Name

Asansol Durgapur Development Authority