Asansol Durgapur Development Authority(ADDA) required a system which will provide ADDA and it’s citizen both a tool for various activities related to Taxes,Shops,Open space and Land management.

Project Requirement

A Web application system that should provide:

  • Demand Note generation for taxes holding the payable amount for the citizens.
  • Demand Note generation for rented shops holding the monthly payable amount for the citizens.
  • Open Space application form a nd the demand note for the citizens.
  • Land Mortgage appliaction form and the demand note for the citizens.
  • Technology Stacks

    PHP, My SQL.


    • There are mainly four modules-Demand Note system,Shop System,Open Space System ,Land Mortgage System.
    • In Demand Note System,demand notes are generated for various kind of taxes. DEO Admin generates Demand Note which will be approved by the AEO Admin. ADDA Citizen pays the bill amount to the ADDA authority.
    • In Shop System,Citizens who take a shop as a rent has to pay the monthly bill as generated in the Demand Note
    • In Open Space System,Citizens(individual/organization) fill the application form for booking open space
    • In Land Mortgage System,the citizens have to fill the application form and upload the documents for getting the mortgage permission of the Leasehold land from the ADDA Authority.


  • Information regarding different municipal corporation
  • Information regarding different development authorities
  • Information regarding different municipalities
  • Information regarding different industrial township authorities and government offices.

    Benefits Of The application


    From manual to digitalised form filling and generating Demand Note.


    Less chances of error due to tracking of the Application Forms and Demand Note by different Admins.

    Less time consuming

    Due to digitisation,minimum manual intervention is required which saves the time.