ERP Of Calcutta Stock Exchange required a software which will integrate the Back Office Functioning of various departments of Stock Exchange.

Project Requirement

A Web application system that should provide integration of various systems into a single platform.

Technology Stacks



  • In the Listing module,various companies who does share trading through the stock exchange has to keep some capital(money) to keep them listed.For keeping those capitals, companies has to pay some yearly charges i.e. Listing Bills to the stock exchange.The companies which could subit their listing bill within the stipulated time,they would have to pay the Penalty Bills. The comapnies also has to submit few Financial reports to the Stock Exchange.Then, the Stock Exchange has to subit those to SEBI,an autonomous body who controls all the Stock Exchanges.Companies has to pay fine charges if they could not submit within a stipulated time.
  • In the Accounts module,subscription bill is made for the members .Payroll dept. processes the salary of all the employees of Stock Exchange. Salary vouchers are reflected in Accounts’s department. Customer’s Rent bill and Electricity bill are also done from here.
  • In the Membership module,people who become the registered member of Stock Exchange has to pay the subscription bill so that some shares arealloted them.
  • In both the Security &Fund Management module,Members keep their money so that they could get their capital with some interests after few years.


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The web application we developed provides the integration of various systems into a single platform. With the digitization, the process has become easy to understand for the investor. The process has also become secured due to less manual intervention.

Benefits Of The application


From manual process to digitalised prrocess.


Accurate & data is secured due to less manual intervention.

Easy to understand

Investor could .