Department of Food and Supplies(Government Of West Bengal) required a system for creating user details & assigning access to the users ,saving all the contact details of dashboard & data checking & validation of departmental or director level user.

Project Requirement

A Mobile application system that should provide:

  • Login
  • Dashboard
  • Department Of Food & Supply
  • Essential Commodities Supply Corporation
  • State Warehousing Corporation
  • User Permission

Technology Stacks


  • Admin Access would be from Web only. There would be no App interface for Admin.
  • Admin would have following features: a. Option for adding Contact details – First level, only. b. Option for adding Whitelisted mobile numbers for Dept. Users. c. Departmental login management for enabling various First level organisations to manage their contact database d. Option for adding Contact details –Second level, third level, contact card, etc.
  • Admin users will do login using mobile OTP and that will be done by incorporating google services.
  • The Admin user's password will be valid for some period that is for one month. If its password exceeds one month, in that case, he/she have to do login using OTP and then have to reset their password.
  • Password will be valid for only one month.
  • Admin will provide access to other users like general users, department users or director level user.
  • Admin will make sure about the access of each of the user, means how much they can access data from the application.


Department of Food and Supplies


We develop web application system that comes with a Login, Dashboard, Department of Food & Supply, Essential Commodities Supply Corporation, State Warehousing Corporation, & User Permission. The application digitized the admin portal system from the manual process. With the digitization, the entire process consumes less time than the usual. The entire process has become accurate because less chances of error due to minimum manual intervention.

Benefits Of The application


From manual process to digitalised Admin portal system.


Less chances of error due to minimum manual intervention.

Less time required

Since it is digitalised, the whole process consumes less time than the usual time.