Our Methodology

Phase1- information:

  1. Pre-project checklist Our detailed checklist helps us to get to know your business and provides a framework for planning the project.
  2. Estimate Based on the information gathered or initial requirements provided we can provide an initial SOW.

Phase 2 - strategy :

Phase 2 will start when clients accepts the estimate and agrees to work with Albatross and beyond

  1. Brainstorming A brainstorming workshop will be scheduled between our technical team led by a Senior Project Manager and your assigned project team to further define the project.
  2. Project Definition Document (POD) We will break the project down into individual broad based tasks in order to properly map the functionality and resources required .The broad based tasks are further broken down into actionable items in Phase 3.
  3. Proposal A detailed proposal will be produced for Phase 3. This will include a payment schedule, timeline and agreement.
  4. Payments Mutual decision between client and Albatross.

Phase 3- design development and implementation :

It would start off with the initial front end and/or database design .This is the step where all the visual presentations and data representation would be discussed with the client . Most of the scopes creep and changed requirements from the initial estimate/SOW would be identified here and incorporated into the updated SOW .

The steps in Phase 3 are :-


  1. Visual Concepts
  2. Draft visual designs will be created and refined as per regular interaction with the client. We use cloud based productivity tools like Google Docs, SKYPE etc to interact with the client.

  3. Wireframes
  4. We will produce a number of wireframes to suggest how the project should be laid out in terms of usability.

  5. Epics and User Stories
  6. We use Agile Methodologies for our software development and in our design step interact with the clients providing them Epics and User Stories to explain the logic and data flow in easy to understand language


Once the Design documents are finalized and signed off by the client .The development process is initiated. We follow an Interactive Agile Software Development Methodology called SCRUM in our development process, which involves constant involvement between the stakeholders(the client) the developers and the managers .In SCRUM the entire project is broken down into deliverable tasks called project backlogs .Depending on the priority these product backlogs are included in something called SPRINTs which are time boxed efforts of a specific duration. After every SPRINT the output is a part of the entire project which is then delivered to the client. At the completion of all the actionable SPRINTs the development is completed and handed over to the client.


During each SPRINT the product backlogged being worked get thoroughly tested by the testing team. Once the entire application gets delivered it goes through Integration and Customer Testing before implemented in production . In this step the development team works hand in hand with the client.

Phase 4 - support and maintenance (optional) :

If regular support and updates are require , a maintenance plan can be established.

Phase 5 - value added services(analystics/custom reporting/online marketing)-opt Analytics/high end reporting :

We can help in creating custom reports/sleek presentations/data analytics for easy consumption of the decision makers. We can use BI Tools to create custom reports.