.Net Solution Mode

We have an exceptional team of .NET programmers devoted to structure top-notch applications for our clients. In our .NET solution mode. We also build our own framework which makes the development cycles much quicker and competent.

The .NET solution mode of Albatross combines business and procedural knowhow to comprehend customer requirements into fully functional software applications thereby helping them to increase their capability to participate globally by integrating leading Internet-enabled applications.

Progress their rejoinder to market needs by keeping essential enterprise software up-to-date.

Java Venture

In Albatross preference for Java is because of its appropriateness for developing high performance solutions owing to it being object-oriented, threaded, architecture-neutral, and portable. Also, ready-made solutions can be provided using design patterns that can be adapted to different problems as necessary.

The chief components and features of JEE are Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), Java Server Faces (JSF), and the latest web services APIs.

At Java Studio, we are continuously exploiting research in Java technology to develop new strategies and creative solutions to provide to the growing demands. Our experience in this domain attached with our venture team enables you to invest on us for any requirement.

The services we offer through our Java Venture are:
  1. Client-Server applications
  2. Java EE applications
  3. Web services
  4. CRM Solutions
  5. e-commerce applications
  6. Enterprise CMS based on CQ5, Magnolia and Liferay.

Java Tools

The tools and technologies we use in our Java Studio include :-
  1. Java EE for enterprise applications
  2. JSF, Struts, and Spring for application frameworks
  3. ANT, Maven and other build tools
  4. Eclipse IDE
  5. JSP, Servlets, JSTL and EJB
  6. Hibernate (O/R Mapping and Persistence)
  7. Struts (MVC Framework)
  8. Spring (MVC & Application Framework)
  9. Web Services (SOA)
  10. Web & application servers - Apache Tomcat
  11. XML libraries - dom4j, Xalan, JDOM and W3C
  12. Java Micro Edition
  13. Eclipse, NetBeans
  14. Lucene, Compass for searching
  15. E-Commerce with Hybris