Network Management Services

Albatross Network Services helps enterprise streamline their enterprise network by monitoring and managing it 24x7. Albatross consultants can help ensure peak performance of your network by helping deploy appropriate network solutions and providing a comprehensive service to monitor and manage their network elements. Our Network Services help customers maintain highest level of network performance while lowering operational costs and ensuring uptime.

Albatross Network Services portfolio includes :-

Network Management:

Albatross Network Management Services provides monitoring management services for your network. Some of the key offerings in this space include :-
  1. Managed LAN
  2. Managed WLAN
  3. Network Operations

Network Security:

Albatross Network Security services covers monitoring and management security elements on your enterprise network. Some of the key offering in this space are:
  1. Managed Firewall
  2. Managed IDS/IPS
  3. Managed VPN/SSL VPN
  4. Network Access Control

Application Performance Management:

Albatross provides enterprise with end-to-end application performance management services to setup and manage a robust application delivery network. Albatross offering covers :
  1. Load Balancers
  2. WAN Acceleration
  3. IP Registration and Management

Unified Communications:

Albatross helps enterprises manage enterprise efficiently. This service includes:
  1. IP Telephony
  2. Unified Messaging
  3. Contact Center
  4. Video Conferencing
  5. Common Interaction Center

Albatross Network Services team provide network transformations and consulting services helping customers to migrate their legacy network to latest technologies. Albatross manages networks of clients globally. We provide 24x7 monitoring and management of enterprise networks. The network services team is well versed in latest network technologies provided by leading vendors and certified in leading vendor technologies.