New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA) required a Web application system to track and manage various office products . The office employees want office products through a Requisition form,then NKDA User buys them from the vendors by using a Work order form if not available in the stock.

Project Requirement

A Web application system that should provide Work Order Forms, Requisition Forms,Product Forms, Reports. The Report section consists of Products available report,Issue product Report, Stock Report etc.

Technology Stacks



  • In the work order form,NKDA User fills various fields – Work order no. ,Name of the Vendor, Product type ,Payment etc. Product type are of two types- consolidated rat e & item wise. Consolidated rate defines product price including tax & excluding tax. Selects product name from the product list. & the quantity also. Payment may be on delivery or after delivery.
  • After receiving the products from the Vendor, NKDA User inserts those products n the stock through the Product Form.They can insert products in & can view the number of inserted products. They can insert the products in single product form or in multiple product form. Product description & product nature fields are present. After insertion of each product, a barcode is generated against the serial number.
  • In the requisition form,the fields present are Name of the employee,Product,Quantity,Details etc.The requisition is submiited if the required product is present in the stock. After the submission, there will be product assign option and approval option.
  • The product can be revertback & reassigned after approval


New Town Kolkata Development Authority


The Web Application system that we have provided has Work Order Form, Product Form, and Reports. The report section consists of available products report, issue product report, stock report etc. Since the process has become digitized, the whole process consumes less time than usual. There is less chances of error due to minimum manual intervention meaning the process has become more accurate.

Benefits Of The application


From manual to digitalised product management process.


Less chances of error due to minimum manual intervention.

Less time required

Since it is digitalised,the whole process consumes less time than the usual time.