New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA) required a Web application system that will generate Work Order Notice forms to sanction various work orders.

Project Requirement

A Web application system that should provide

  • AAFS Notice Forms
  • Work Order Forms

Technology Stacks



  • There are various Heads such as PropertyTax,Residential bauilding for which allocation of money is done each & every year.
  • After the sanction of the allocated money,it is said to be Budget allocation.
  • AAFS Notice is made to get the money from the Budget allocation.In this form, selection of Notice no. , Financial year Estimated budget is required. After deducting the required money from the Budget allocation,it will show the Remaining budget amount.A pdf format of AAFS is also generated.
  • Tender selection is done against each AAFS.
  • Work order issue is done against the AAFS through a Work Order Form. Vendor’s money will be deducted from the AAFS and will be stored in AAFS. Vendors get their money through e-Payment process. A notice is generated against each work order form that is given to the vendor. Resolve button is present in the work order form for the extension of any vendor’s work.


New Town Kolkata Development Authority


We have a developed a Web Application system that provides:
  • AAFS Notice Forms
  • Work Order Forms

Benefits Of The application


From manual to digitalised work order notice generation.


Less chances of error due to minimum manual intervention.

Less time required

Since it is digitalised, the whole process consumes less time than the usual time.