Open Source Area

The Open Source Factory of Albatross combines the flair to tailor-make solutions according to needs, with the ability to use assembly-line techniques for speedy and resourceful assembler of open source software solutions based on PHP/MySQL. Our observation is that many website character can be derived from open source tools particularly based on PHP/MySQL. Our software engineers take care of the customization part of the building process.

We try hard to build solutions with a wide inexpensive margin for the client and deliver software that is customized according to client’s requirements, to give the competitive edge in Specific area of operations. Albatross promotes consistent and superiority software that evolves at a high speed with the support of Open Source through our PHP Area.

Magento is one of the most trusted names for developing ecommerce websites has become preferred CMS for several businesses.

Albatross offers the following services through our PHP Area :-
  1. Object Oriented Programming with PHP 5.
  2. Customization of OpenSource Applications.
  3. e-commerce Applications.
  4. Web Applications and Enterprise Portal Development.
  5. Content Management Systems.
  6. Web Design and Web Development.
  7. Web Services.