Our Projects

Current projects

  1. Continued development of products on business card ready to print in a PDF (Portable Document Format) with the use of user input through an online form and templates. We can use the same model for various other items which make use of a template based structure and input driven by form.

  2. Swatch Bharat Mission, Mid-day Meal, ADDA(Asansol Durgapur Development Authority) Project in association with ICICI Bank.

  3. Big Data Processing of Ration card for Food & Supply Department Govt. of West Bengal.

  4. Application development for Health Department & Maintenance Govt. of West Bengal like HMIS,SMIS,HIPMS,SMS,BUDGET, TRNSPORT,FILEMANAGEMNT SYSTEM,NVCS,DRUG LICENSE,CE.

  5. Creating dynamic web portal complete with administrator dashboard, for internal as well as client-facing app access.

  6. Use of VMware technology to offer web client and email server.

  7. Technical resource to Kolkata Urban Services for Poor ( KUSP) – a joint venture of World Bank , Govt. of India and Govt. of West Bengal.

  8. Cloud funding application for a US-based organization.

  9. Call center services for the Food and Supply Department of Govt. of West Bengal, complete with call management system.

  10. Conceptualization of projects for govt. departments and organization i.e. Disaster Management system integrated with Community Radio system.

  11. Back office administration of e-commerce site. Handling customer enquiry to dispatch of product, Stock maintenance and MIS report generation.

  12. SEO Services.

  13. Using Twitter, Facebook and social networking channels in order to generate a buzz and create various types of promotional strategies for e-commerce website products.

  14. Continued development of products for Capital market. It is our chief product for Indian as well as international commodities, bond and stock markets.

  15. Net Work and allied work like CCTV Surveillance, Fire alarm System etc. at Indian Oil Petronas Pvt. LTd.